Personal Injury

Masingo Law Personal InjuryWhen someone injures you, you should not have to suffer financially. The law entitles you to be made whole for any losses you suffered as a result of an accident whether they were from immediate medical care or lost wages due to a long-term disability.

Unfortunately, the responsible party and their insurance company will often fight your claim. We provide aggressive representation to help you ensure that you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled. We also understand the stress that an accident and subsequent medical bills may cause and will do everything we can to make ourselves available to answer any questions that you may have.

Auto Accidents

Victims of serious auto accidents often struggle to receive compensation. Many drivers don’t carry adequate insurance to cover major medical bills and lost wages. Even when the at-fault driver had enough coverage, their insurance company will often fight the claim.

We have years of experience fighting against the big insurance companies and going after the assets of uninsured drivers. We believe in aggressively preparing as if we’re going to trial from the moment you call us. Often, this may convince the insurance company to change their mind and offer a satisfactory settlement. If not, you will be well-positioned when your case goes to court.

At trial, the defense may often try to argue that the accident was your fault. We can help you gather the evidence you need from police reports, witnesses, and other sources to show that the other driver was responsible and should compensate you for your injuries.

Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-truck accidents are similar to auto accidents, but there are often additional factors that we can use in your favor. First, semi-truck drivers are subject to strict regulations on their driving hours, rest periods, and other activities. A violation of these safety-related regulations can show that the driver wasn’t acting with reasonable care and should be held responsible for the accident.

Additionally, semi-trucks are almost always equipped with black boxes similar to those used in airline crash investigations. The black box records speed, braking, and sudden changes in steering. With a black box available, you may have indisputable proof of what happened in the accident instead of having to convince the judge to believe you instead of the semi-truck driver.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors take an oath to do no harm to their patients. While some procedures are risky, have side effects, and don’t have guaranteed success, doctors are still responsible for their errors. When a doctor did not act with reasonable care, as defined how a typical doctor in their field would be expected to act, they are responsible for compensating you for any harm caused by their negligence.

Proving medical malpractice typically requires expert testimony and strong legal reasoning. Our experience combined with our aggressive representation may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

To get help receiving compensation for these and other injuries, contact Masingo Law Office to schedule a consultation. We serve Jeffersonville and the surrounding areas.