Criminal Law

Criminal Law Masingo LawWhen you’re facing criminal charges, the prosecution will do everything in its power to take your liberty. Don’t try to defend your case alone or rely on an overworked public defender. Masingo Law Office will aggressively fight for your rights and make sure the prosecution knows that you aren’t going to just roll over. We will also provide you with personalized attention and treat you how we would like to be treated if our freedom was on the line.

Indiana Criminal Penalties

Murder 55 years 10 years 10 years 45-65 years $10,000
Level 1 (General) 30 years 10 years 10 years 20-40 years $10,000
Level 1 (Credit Restricted Felon) 30 years 20 years 10 years 20-50 years $10,000
Level 2 17 1/2 years 12 1/2 years 7 1/2 years 10-30 years $10,000
Level 3 9 years 7 years 6 years 3-16 years $10,000
Level 4 6 years 6 years 4 years 2-12 years $10,000
Level 5 3 years 3 years 2 years 1-6 years $10,000
Level 6 1 year 1 1/2 years 1/2 year 1/2 – 2 1/2 years $10,000
A Misdemeanor Up to 1 year 0-1 year $5,000
B Misdemeanor Up to 180 days 0-180 days $1,000
C Misdemeanor Up to 60 days 0-60 days $500


If you’re accused of operating while intoxicated or driving under the influence, you could face fines of up to $5,000 or 1 year in jail on just the first offense. You may also face license suspension, disqualification from your job, or find yourself unable to get to work. We will help investigate the case against you and look for weaknesses like faulty blood-alcohol testing equipment. We will also make sure that the police did not violate your Fourth Amendment rights when they stopped you or when they made you take a sobriety test.


Depending on the value and type of property stolen, theft charges can range from misdemeanors that are unlikely to see jail time to felonies carrying serious prison time. Even a minor theft charge is serious because employers may see it as a crime of dishonesty. If you are facing a theft charge, we can help you explore possible defenses including not having criminal intent, mistaken identity, and lack of evidence. If the allegedly stolen property was found during an illegal search and seizure, we will pursue your right under the law to have charges related to that property dismissed.

Drug Charges

Even minor drug charges can be life altering as employers take them as a sign of substance abuse and property managers refuse applications from renters with drug convictions. If you had a larger than normal amount of drugs, you may face intent to sell charges even if that wasn’t really your intent. We will help make sure the facts actually match the charges against you — including making sure the police didn’t charge you just because you were near someone else’s drugs. We’ll also move to dismiss any evidence that was found because the police violated your Fourth Amendment rights — a common issue in drug cases.


Is your criminal record making it hard to obtain the lifestyle you want?  Your criminal record follows you through life and may cause trouble obtaining employment, housing, government benefits or a gun permit.   Did you know you may be able to have your criminal record, including convictions and arrests, expunged?  The process of expungement allows you to legally and permanently seal your records to the public while only allowing access to certain government agencies.  If you are looking to improve your life but your criminal record keeps getting in the way call us today!!!

Driver’s License Issues

Was your driver’s license suspended or revoked because of a OWI conviction or a traffic charge? Did you receive a ticket that may cause you to lose your license? We understand the seriousness of losing your license when you must be able to drive to get to work. We may be able to help you get your license reinstated or help you get Specialized Driving Privileges to get to work. There are several options available whether you’re currently facing traffic charges or have already been ruled against.

If you’re facing criminal charges and need an experienced criminal defense attorney serving Jeffersonville and the surrounding areas, contact Masingo Law Office today.